Design Build (D-B)

The oldest and traditional method, sometimes called the "master-builder" method (as historically, the builder was himself the designer). Clients search/select a contractor who will then provide a design and accomplish all construction services. In this method, the design-builder, Kai Ridge Hawaii provides the comprehensive design and construction services through a "one point" of contact for the client. Design-Build offers greater responsiveness to clients vs the more complex Design-Bid-Build method. It allows the general contractor to initiate construction processes without complete "enhanced" drawings so the contractor is able to order long-lead items, and lock in materials at good prices that might otherwise rise if delayed.

The benefits to client

Its simplicity. The client has a "one-point" contact, the general contractor. An expert general contractor Kai Ridge Hawaii encompasses all the project design and building construction requirements, within the client's budget and completion-date framework, resulting in less potential for "project over-runs."