Design Bid Build (D-B-B)

D-B-B is another very common contract delivery methods, (almost always used in the "public sector" (i.e. for government projects). It involves a "competitive bidding" process where the project is awarded to a construction company (by the owner (in consultation with his architect) that generally submits the lowest bid with the assurance that the bidder will accomplish all requested needs. In this method, it is the client/owner (private or pubic) who finds/retains the architect or engineer to design the project and prepare the required drawings adhering to applicable permit specifications. The architect/engineer also prepares the "tender" document for bidders. After receiving the sealed bids, the client and architect review the various bids, and choose one. Then the architect/engineer develop a written plan/proposal for sub-contracting needed engineers such as concrete, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire, structural, etc. adhering to complete drawings and specifications.

The benefits to client

Because the general contractor, Kai Ridge Hawaii is the provider of the confirmed "price-after" cost before construction commences and executes the project, the general contractor Kai Ridge Hawaii generally assumes the cost-overrun risks, based on initial defined budget and project parameters.