Suppliers - Strategies & Benefits

Every wise construction firm knows its suppliers are major stakeholder on any project, We know, appreciate and respect this and therefore make great efforts to establish solid bonds with our suppliers.


Kai Ridge Hawaii provides full preconstruction services, most critically a well-developed procurement strategy to facilitate easy estimating, scheduling and itemized procurement documents. This strategy makes the supplier’s job simpler and helps keep relations between contractor, subcontractors, client, and suppliers smooth as well as making sure all parties are always "on the same page." A streamlined procurement system makes materials acquisition reliable and orderly. Our procurement strategy allows Kai Ridge Hawaii to review and advise procurements and, when necessary, adjust/change orders where cost-saving benefits can be accomplished. Close scrutiny of materials ordering is of course tedious and meticulous, but we put effort into this dimension to procure the best materials at the best prices, always keeping intelligent cost-saving a priority. Careless, not-well-thought-out, or wasteful or tardy-ordering/procurement is avoided. With Kai Ridge Hawaii we respect your dollar and "go the extra mile" to procure quality materials at prices where you reap the reward of our efforts.