Benefits Of Subtrades

When subcontractors are enlisted to any project, coordinating their work and schedules is an art, almost a chess-like science. We excel in this art, so projects proceed orderly and efficiently. Kai Ridge Hawaii oversees each specialty subcontract team, and puts emphasis on charting the various works so the puzzle comes together efficiently and avoids "waiting periods" "overlaps" and any confusions or questions regarding delegated assignments.


Every project is extremely well planned. We seek out in initial stages input from subcontractors, when possible, prior to subcontractor tendering. This is a very helpful strategy and eliminates surprises for all subcontractors combined. Strategic teamsmanship of the various subcontractors –overseen by our master planning team– creates a powerhouse dynamic and moves our projects forward smoothly.


We believe subcontractors benefit from a thorough "bird's eye" view and knowledge of the entire project, its drawings, specifications, codes, testing procedures, and applicable standards. No one is "in the dark." Everyone works together using our sophisticated quality management system to achieve a superlative product.


When appropriate, Kai Ridge Hawaii and subcontractors collaboratively create 3D models of specific aspects of the project. Also, we have access to advanced construction industry-tailored software to combine these models to perform "clash detection" simulation. We also provide all necessary software in order for subcontractors to collaborate on submittals, RFIs, and document control docs to facilitate a more efficient workflow for construction delivery.