Gold Plan

Kai Ridge Hawaii can build anything our client wishes –any design, any scale. BUT, our team of engineers has worked very hard to mastermind three well conceived "energy-efficient" construction plans that, if you do NOT have your own preconceived idea, will be very helpful to you in the decision-making process for your new home. Kai Ridge Hawaii thinks "Green" –energy-saving, cost-saving, environment-protecting. Though all three plans are all designed with "energy-efficiency" as the guiding principle, the degree of features varies, and the net cost as well, naturally. The one constant, the one factor that all 3 plans have in common is our 100% commitment to QUALITY workmanship. So, even if your budget only allows you to consider "The Economy Living" plan, feel confident that it will possess the same excellent workmanship as the other two plans.

The Gold Plan, like the Premium House plan, integrates into your home superb energy-saving features. The difference is simply adding a few less features, so we can keep the total cost down and within your budget. You will still end up with a "dream home" designed by engineers who are experts in "energy-saving" construction. You will greatly appreciate our personal one-on-one service so which allows us to discuss every aspect/feature and explain how each one operates and saves you cost and adds true value to your home. The Gold Plan includes:

  • Heat recovery system
  • Reengineer design
  • Plumbing fixture
  • Electrical Service
  • Moisture Control
  • Solar air circulation system