Economy Plan

Kai Ridge Hawaii can build anything our client wishes –any design, any scale. BUT, our team of engineers has worked very hard to mastermind three well conceived "energy-efficient" construction plans that, if you do NOT have your own preconceived idea, will be very helpful to you in the decision-making process for your new home. Kai Ridge Hawaii thinks "Green" –energy-saving, cost-saving, environment-protecting. Though all three plans are all designed with "energy-efficiency" as the guiding principle, the degree of features varies, and the net cost as well, naturally. The one constant, the one factor that all 3 plans have in common is our 100% commitment to QUALITY workmanship. So, even if your budget only allows you to consider "The Economy Living" plan, feel confident that it will possess the same excellent workmanship as the other two plans.

Our engineers have designed the perfect plan for you. The Economy Living plan home is affordable. Kai Ridge Hawaii is proud to put extra effort into designing a truly excellent, fine quality home, that is also affordable and serves Hawaii's modest-income residents. The project will be specially tailored to work within your budget and provide all standard features of residential housing. We serve and treat our Economy Living clients with the same dedication and enthusiasm as our Gold and Premium clients.