Safety First

Nothing supersedes the importance of a safe and healthy workplace. It is the first commitment in our Kai Ridge Hawaii rulebook is safety and the health of our employees. Kai Ridge Hawaii will not compromise in this commitment. Kai Ridge Hawaii employees look out for each others safety, report unsafe situations, and proudly share in the organization’s goal of zero "incidents" (i.e. injuries).


Kai Ridge Hawaii maintains a verifiable incident rate (TRIR) and overall lost-time frequency rate (LTFR) that ranks as one of the lowest in the construction industry in Hawaii. Kai Ridge Hawaii is committed to providing employees with top-brand equipment, up-to-date training and safety controls to achieve a shared goal of "zero incidents."


Some of the safety standards Kai Ridge Hawaii has instituted, include:
1) A Safety Management System — a software used to monitor and record all safety input from all employees and managers which effectively helps eliminate dangerous conditions and unsafe behavior and insure a safe work environment.
2) Safety Observation System — Our managers are proactive and hold classes to instruct employees, especially new employees, on every aspect of safety and injury prevention.
3) Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) We have developed a manual of strict safety and hazard-free policies, procedures, guidelines, and practices. Every employee is required to read the safety manual for their equipment and we keep our safety manual updated. Safety imbibed at work is taken home and the community is awarded more safety-conscious citizens.

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