Quality Workmanship

“Build it Right, Build it once” is the age-old adage observed by all Kai Ridge Hawaii employees. Kai Ridge Hawaii uses a quality management procedure that has been designed to personally instill in every employee that our company demands only quality workmanship. Sub-par work is unacceptable, rejected and redone if ever necessary Employees are counseled that there is no excuse for "less than the best." Our reputation –and their jobs– depend on quality, every time, every step. We are happy to share that our employees are proud craftsmen, laborers and "Quality is cool" is their in-house motto.


Quality projects are more than having a good design and assembling team of excellent craftsmen. A quality, first-class project is accomplished by many more subtle factors. Quality management and leadership are essential. Quality communication between all parties involved is essential. Quality problem solving is essential. A culture of quality insures a great product, happy client, proud contractor.

Culture & Community